British Quidditch Cup

The British Quidditch Cup (or BQC) is the largest and most prestigious UK quidditch tournament. Hosted by QuidditchUK, it invites teams to compete in a knockout competition for the title of British Quidditch champions. One of the most established competitions in quidditch outside of the United States and Canada, the British Quidditch Cup attracts teams from all over the United Kingdom and is considered by most UK players to be the pinnacle of the competitive season.

The event will be held at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park in Nottingham on the 7th & 8th March 2015. The tournament will be comprised of 24 teams from across the United Kingdom who will battle it out and claim the title of British Quidditch champions. Last season saw the Radcliffe Chimeras from Oxford take the top spot but this year is looking more challenging as teams from across the nation have been training harder and are ready to steal the crown.

In a recent statement, Tournament Director James Burnett announced: “BQC is going to be the biggest thing to hit quidditch this side of the Atlantic, with the highest level of competition ever seen amongst UK teams. As both a sporting tournament and a flagship for the quidditch community, I’m excited to be at the helm in the evolution of quidditch.”

For more information on the British Quidditch Cup, the sport of quidditch or to find a team in your area, please visit or

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