MPD Training Course: Business Presentation and Pitching Skills

You can be an excellent scientist or engineer and be a brilliant manager, but if you cannot present your message effectively and concisely, then you will never be as successful as you deserve to be! Presentation skills are essential for both personal and business development.

This practical, one-day course is designed to help anyone improve the delivery, quality and content of their presentations. This MPD course will cover:

  • How to put a presentation together and ensure that key messages are communicated
  • Delivery skills and improving individual delivery style in order to increase impact
  • Improve the effectiveness of each individual’s presentation capability
  • Tools and techniques to reduce the time needed to produce a presentation.

To find out more and to book your place, please click here.

*Eligible companies can apply for funding to cover 50% of the cost of attending.

Kinga Kapias

Featured author: Kinga Kapias

Marketing Executive

Studying Japanese, fluent in Polish and Spanish, Kinga works with local academics and senior business people to help attract professional association conferences and events to Nottingham. She recently completed her Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics. Kinga enjoys travel, music and everything new media related.

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