MPD Training Course: Overcoming Common Regulatory Pitfalls And Errors

This training course will help you establish exactly what you have done right and very importantly, what you’ve got wrong!

Overcoming Common Regulatory Pitfalls and Errors will look at a number of common mistakes made, including:

  • Inadequate Clinical Evaluation reports and processes
  • Unsatisfactory Quality Management Systems
  • Deficient Risk Management reviews
  • Insufficient sources of clinical evidence
  • Poor documentation of the design history process
  • Wrong symbol usage for labels

Inconsistent information gathering and compilation

For details on the programme, course outline, learning objectives and registration, please see click here


Kinga Kapias

Featured author: Kinga Kapias

Marketing Executive

Studying Japanese, fluent in Polish and Spanish, Kinga works with local academics and senior business people to help attract professional association conferences and events to Nottingham. She recently completed her Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics. Kinga enjoys travel, music and everything new media related.

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